Roadmap & Upcoming Features

The Roadmap describes the upcoming features in RailsBricks that are currently worked on. If you have any suggestion or would like to participate, get in touch!

Bricks Generator

The new application wizard rbricks --new sets up and configures common functionalities in a Rails app. RailsBricks should include generators for functionalities (or 'bricks') that could be optionally added at a later stage with the --add [brick-name] option. For example, adding Google Analytics to a Rails 4 app (including the turbolinks workaround) would be done like this:

rbricks -a google-analytics

Bricks being worked on are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Contact Form
  • Blog

Latest News

Rails 4.0.4 & Ruby 2.1.1
posted 5 months ago

RailsBricks has been updated and is now at version 2.0.5. The update includes:

  • RailsBricks now uses Rails 4.0.4
  • A new option to use Ruby 2.1.1 for your new projects

Thanks to Luca G. Soave (Github) for taking care of this update.

Using Rails 4.0.3
posted 5 months ago

RailsBricks has been updated to use Rails version 4.0.3 when creating a new app. Current RailsBricks version is 2.0.3.

To update RailsBricks to the latest version, just issue gem update railsbricks in your terminal.

RailsBricks 2 released!
posted 6 months ago

It's finally ready. Version 2.0.0 of RailsBricks is out. If you were using v1, please note that you first need to uninstall it before installing v2.

No need to git clone inside your user directory anymore. RailsBricks is now 100% made of Ruby code and available through gem install railsbricks. The source is still available on Github if you feel like contributing.

Now, the next step for RailsBricks will be the inclusion of a plug-ins system. I started working on it already and will talk more about it soon. Stay tuned!

Your suggestions are always welcome! Tweet, use the Github tracker or the contact form.

RailsBricks 2 coming soon
posted 6 months ago

Few days ago, I announced on my personal blog that I am currently working on RailsBricks 2.

I am now at the stage where I'm selecting which Test Frameworks to include and configure by default in RailsBricks 2. Your suggestions are welcome! Tweet, use the Github tracker or the contact form.

Updated Roadmap
posted 7 months ago

In the past couple of days, I received tons of feedback. Based on that (and my own requirements), I updated the Roadmap. List of features needed to be developed are never set in stone in software development but I think that now, the Roadmap offers quite enough useful additions to keep me busy a little while.

Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming! Tweet, use the Github tracker or the contact form.

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